Friday, September 21, 2012

I + Pink Bathrooms

Did I mention I love pink bathrooms? Pink anything, really. But pink bathrooms & time capsule houses make me weak in the knees.

I saw this gem today and couldn't resist snapping a quick picture with my phone.

It's by far the pinkest bathroom I've ever laid eyes on. Yes, that is a pink toilet and there's a matching tub just out of the frame. This house also had original kitchen cabinets AND a pink oven! Seriously?? I die.

That's all for today. You can learn more about pink bathrooms here and even take the pledge to save the pink bathrooms! Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soaking Up the Last of Summer

I love fall and I'm glad the sticky summer heat seems to be officially over. I'm excited for the leaves to change and to get my sweaters and boots back out; but I'm really going to miss my little garden. If you follow my instagram feed (@retr0phot0), you've seen how excited I've been to harvest all those glorious tomatoes and cucumbers! I've spent the summer feasting on cucumber and onion salad, BLT's, and pasta with fresh sauce. Yum!

While I've been preparing for winter dinners by freezing tomato puree and transplanting some rosemary and basil to pots indoors, I'm really going to miss the harvesting ritual. There's something so rewarding about picking from the garden you spent so much time planting and nurturing.

It's also become a nice bonding time for my youngest niece and me. She's 9 and such a helper. She loves to work in the garden and is very particular about which tomatoes are ripe enough to pick. She eats a good portion of the harvest as she goes and tells me about her day. It's nice. I hope she still thinks it's cool next summer.

For now, the garden's still producing veggies and I intend to take full advantage! I think there are some fried green tomatoes in my future. (Stay tuned for the recipe!) I'm also stoked that my peppers seem to love the cooler weather!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to be a Rad Old Lady

I went to an estate sale this week at a condo where an old lady had lived. It was full of old lady stuff. Not even the cool old lady stuff that I look for, just stuff. I checked out the ground floor and then made my way upstairs. More old lady stuff. Then, amidst all the traditional furniture and floral bedding, stood a life size cardboard cutout of Captain Jack Sparrow. Old lady was badass. I wonder what other secrets she had....

Get your own here and you too can be a rad old lady.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

When Harry Met Sally Girls' Night Freak Out

Recently, my step daughter made a visit and we had a girls' night in. We went thrifting, to dinner, and decided spend the rest of the evening watching movies and painting our nails.

I had planned to get a new release from Redbox, but when I asked my daughter if there was anything specific she wanted to see, she said, “I’ve been wanting to see When Harry Met Sally. You have that, don’t you?” What’s that? My 16 year old wants to watch my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME?? Cool! I remember watching it with my best friend when I was her age. I was stoked.

If you’ve never seen it or even if it’s just been awhile, I suggest you watch it. First of all, it’s very funny. Second, it has an amazing soundtrack (Harry Connick Jr! swoon) Also, once you get past the scary ‘80’s fashion, it has a great story. It also makes me want to go to New York. Every. Single. Time. In autumn. Sigh.

Do I need a spoiler alert when a movie’s over 20 years old? Well, just in case, I’m about to talk about the movie!

Like I said, this is my favorite movie. I just love it. I have always identified with the character of Sally. High maintenance, but thinks she’s low maintenance. Okay, I’ve come to terms with this one. I’m high maintenance. Moving on.... Watching the movie this time, I realized that not only am I still Sally, but Sally and I are now the same age. Whoa. When did that happen?? Total new perspective.

I know the most famous part of the movie is the whole orgasm-in-the-deli scene. While it's very funny, my favorite scene has always been the one when Sally breaks down after hearing the news that her ex is now engaged. Sally's a big ball of irrational emotion, a total mess, and something I can definitely relate to. Of course, it's also hilarious!

“I’m gonna be 40!”
“In 8 years.”


I’m gonna be 40 in eight years! That can't be right. Can it? I mean, 8 years ago I was 24 and that seems like last week! I totally know how she feels, irrational or not! Can anyone else relate to this overwhelming feeling that time is passing by WAY too fast or am I the only one having a movie moment here? I know I shouldn't worry and that I'm still young and 40 isn't even old. But every once in awhile, I go into panic mode freaking out because I'm not where I thought I'd be by this time in my life. 

Thankfully, I got a hold of myself, the kid didn't seem to notice my near hyperventilation, and I was able enjoy the rest of the movie. In the end, I'm actually really glad we decided to watch When Harry Met Sally, even with my mid movie freak out. It was a good reminder to make the most of the years I have left in my thirties and, according to Sally, “the clock doesn’t really start to tick until you’re 36” anyway. Thankyouverymuch.

We finished up our girl’s night by watching Clueless (90’s fashion this time) and girl talk until super late. I wish she lived closer so we could hang out more often. I think we both had a good time and our nails turned out great. Alas, I forgot to take pictures.

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